Business Synergy & Top Team Alignment

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Why seek synergy?

The capacity for co-operation within an executive team can make or break the success of your organisation. Of all interventions, this is where we typically observe the greatest release of energy and transformative potential.

Lack of team alignment: typical drivers

Changing membership 

Competition and conflicting egos

Uncertainty in a changing environment 

Pressure around meeting targets

Divided focus and functional priorities produces conflict

Different personalities and corporate cultures produce conflicting leadership styles 

Fragmented organization

How We Work

A typical intervention combines one-to-one coaching with facilitation of difficult conversations. 

In one-to-one space a leader can become aware of and own their needs, values and judgements. This safe container for enquiry permits authentic reflection and perspective-taking without judgement. Unseen dynamics are revealed, paving the way for change. 

The facilitated joint conversation space is used to support leaders leaders to truly listen to, and understand each other’s needs and motivations – with a strong emphasis upon group learning and emotional literacy.


When leaders grasp the full potential for intelligent communication they activate an extraordinary catalyst for organisational change: 

  • Senior leaders model authenticity and courage 
  • Clear and direct ripple effect, with teams accountable to a high level of collaboration and business synergy. 
  • Leaders trust each other, learn together, create together and succeed together. 
  • Emotional literacy enables de-escalation, mutual understanding and camaraderie.
  • Enhanced communication transforms blocked energy into powerful co-creativity. 
  • Collaboration flourishes across functions. 
  • Strong team takes collective ownership of business results.