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the corona quilt project

Stitching our stories together


The Corona Quilt Project is a global community initiative, asking people from all over the world to creatively express their experience with the pandemic. The Corona Quilt is made up of squares created by people from all over the world. It is a collective, tangible voice of disruption and hope, loss and possibility, grief and new beginnings. We invite you to give meaning to your experience and join your voice with others by creating your own square, today.


We are collectively living through an epochal moment in time. Whatever you may feel – hope, clarity, connection, grief, fear, overwhelmed – you’re not alone. Your square connects you to others while we are all physically apart. To participate you can submit a physical or digital square. You don’t have to know how to sew or do crafts to participate! We welcome drawings, collages, quilts, made with fabric, paint, paper, or found objects. Anything made by hand is perfect. Recycle your old clothes, or gather from your environment. We invite participation from young and old, from anywhere on the planet.

The work is hard
Your fingers may bleed.
But each cloth stitched together
Brings together a community.
A world, our future world
Under one colorful quilt.
The new quilt of humanity.
Julia Myers


This pandemic has been a truly defining moment in our lifetimes. By attempting to creatively capture our experience, we hope to give voice to people’s varied thoughts, fears and stories. Our goal is to gather squares/stories from people all over the world. We will stitch these together to create a quilt installation that will be a fitting testament to this unique time of change, survival and perseverance.

How to participate


Should be 15” x 15”
The square should be on a piece of fabric leaving a blank space around the edges.

Be Creative & Eco- Friendly!
Use markers, crayons, paint, fabric, beads, buttons, writing, paper etc. Keep it eco friendly! Recycle old sarees, T-shirts, pillow covers or gather what’s available to you in your own environment. Experiment and play!

Send it in: Mailing address-
PAUSE- Nsquared design studio, John Roberts compound, 1st floor, Sewree fort road, MUMBAI, MH 400015, India.

Mark your first name, age, country, and the date on the front of your square.

How to participate


No Material Restriction
Use any material you like – paper, wood, whatever! We just need the image you send us to be a square. We will print all digital squares on upcycled, eco-friendly fabric so we can include them on the final piece.

File Format
Send in your submissions in .jpg, .png, .jpeg, video or gif formats. No selfies please!

Send it in
Tag us on instagram @coronaquiltproject or email us at

Mark your first name, age, country, and the date on the front of your square.

Leadership Team

Shruti Sonthalia

Shruti Sonthalia is a leadership coach, consultant, facilitator and a co-founder of the Corona Quilt.

She supports pioneering leaders to integrate new paradigms of leadership into their work, relationships and way of life. As a fierce practitioner embodying her purpose, Shruti brings a combination of gentleness and fierceness to support leaders discover their purpose (dharma) and decode their leadership call. She works with women, coaches and management teams from different parts of the world. Shruti has studied Sociology at the London School of Economics and is Faculty at Leadership That Works, an international training organisation.


Neha Modi

Neha is co-founder of a conscious clothing brand based in India called Pause. Pause launched a little over 3 years ago and has carved out a niche in the sustainable clothing category. With over 10 years of experience in the textile industry in Los Angeles & Mumbai, she believes in & supports the sustainable textile movement taking place in the world right now. Prior to Pause, she was running a manufacturing company based in Mumbai. She worked at BCBG in Los Angeles and Ginny Hilfiger in New York after she graduated from FIT in New York.


Dia Mehhta

Dia Mehhta Bhupal is one of India’s most eminent and distinctive young artists. Her work is unique, subtly combining the social message of Sustainability (extensively using only recycled materials) with meticulously photographed ‘constructed images’. Dia graduated with a BFA in Photography from The Parsons School of Design in New York after completing her foundation studies at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London.An INK Fellow for 2017, Ms. Bhupal’s work has been exhibited across the world, from Biennales at Kochi in India, Yinchuan in China to the 2010 Guangzhou International Art Fair, the Dubai Art Fair, SPANDAN and Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai, amongst others.


Samyukta Ranganathan

Samyukta is the Founder of Urbanaut- a travel discovery and recommendations app shaped by discerning locals. Prior to starting Urbanaut, she managed brand marketing for PUMA in India and the Middle East after receiving her MBA from the Indian School of Business. Samyukta is passionate about responsible travel and the indispensable role that creative individuals and organisations play in city-building. She believes travel will bring people together again after the pandemic subsides, and with a whole new appreciation for the world and its beauty.

Pri Shewakramani-founder

Pri Shewakramani

Pri Shewakramani has been a marketing consultant for the last 10 years involved in launching various international brands in India including Organyc, Havaianas, Guess Watches, ROYCE’ Chocolates and PAPABUBBLE as well as domestic food delivery startup Scootsy. Pri is also passionate about environmental issues and launched ‘Swachh Mahabaleshwar’ which organizes monthly forest clean-ups in Mahabaleshwar and Quarancharity, a fund-raising platform.