Executive Coaching

Experienced leaders often encounter challenge in apprehending and working on their leadership edges. The executive coaching journey creates a container of safety and holding within which to see (blindspots) clearly, and dissolve the structures that no longer serve us. From this place of heightened clarity we step purposefully into the next phase of leadership. 

A journey typically begins with a psychometric evaluation and 360° feedback, enabling the participant to understand their reality both neutrally and within the wider organisational ecosystem. This holistic perspective calls attention to unseen barriers to growth. Based on these results, a bespoke journey and development plan is then crafted, balancing leadership growth aspirations with the organisation’s current reality and trajectory.

Coaching begins at a threshold, when we are ready to grow into a new form and embody greater power. We reimagine the current environment as the source from which the next phase of growth will evolve. Examining crisis in the framework of opportunity, we transmute stuckness into enormous potential energy. This energy fuels the acquisition of the new attributes and skills required to meet the leadership challenge. The outcome is a quantum shift in ways of being and doing, supporting both greater fulfilment and the confidence to step into new responsibility.