Family Run Business

Accounting for 90% of all businesses in India, family run enterprises are a major engine of growth for the Indian economy. Apart from the same concerns of increasing profitability like public companies , family run businesses have the added issues of family dynamics and conflict resolutions with family members in the public/ professional space. 

At RuhCo, we understand the challenges of family run businesses and pioneer to provide solutions specially geared to the specific problems they face.

When family-managed businesses outgrow their early configurations, they experience many of the same core challenges:

Conflict around control of the business channels attention away from critical business needs.

Significant energy and strategic resource is used up by internal stakeholder management.

Tensions among family members can lead either to escalating conflict or total avoidance. 

Important business issues go unresolved.

Competition and perceived favouritism can generate multiple centres of power. 

silos within the organisation leave employees feeling conflicted and demotivated.

Second and third-generation family members struggle to relate to each other and see business needs differently.

Implementation of necessary processes and new products and services meets with resistance.

Preparing successors for leadership positions presents complex challenges.

Planning and strategy stalls without a clear sense of direction.

Create an organisational culture unparalleled in India

We’ll partner with you to:

Explore your personal leadership challenges and edges, with expert coaching and inspiration from like-minded people.

Articulate the compelling vision and values that support a clear business mandate, effective policy and design, and recruitment of the best talent.

Manage the transition from inefficient structures to robust professional systems

Protect core relationships and company ethos across different stages of growth

Design structures that foster innovation and high-performance thinking to create lasting success

Identify able successors from a neutral standpoint, and support them to step into leadership

Create the conditions for new cultures of integrity and success within organisations and the wider world.

Through our program, clients gain access to a powerful resource of calm, clarity and confidence, to resolve conflict within the family and the boardroom. Aligning authentically with key stakeholders and their own deepest purpose they build the strong relationships that underpin real momentum and powerful results.