Leadership Development

Experienced leaders often encounter challenges in apprehending and working on their leadership edges. The executive coaching and leadership development journey creates a container of safety and holding within which to see (blindspots) clearly, and dissolve the structures that no longer serve us. From this place of heightened clarity we step purposefully into the next phase of leadership.

Experiential Learning

Based on the principle of “learning by doing” , experiential learning incorporates various methods and techniques for personal and group transformation. The methods used include ,for example case studies, workshops, simulations,role playing .By using the skills of critical reasoning and problem solving participants gain conviction and confidence in their ability to solve real life problems with greater awareness of their blindspots and patterns of thinking besides leading to  better retention of the skills.

In experiential learning, it is important that the experience is not seen as a basic simulation of the real world.Facilitators  deliberately theme the activities  to remove any connection to their day-to-day reality.

The challenges build progressively, and the team /individual experiences how the new skills are beneficial, because they see the results in action.


Our core offering is a critical lever for organisational change. Leadership journeys are closely crafted to serve the needs and priorities of your unique environment and challenge. Guided by the principles of the New Paradigm of Leadership, tools such as in-person experiential learning, webinars, and action learning help leaders to cultivate areas such as:

Self awareness

Identify and rectify their blindspots and shortcomings.

Systems Thinking

Assess organizational systems that prevent long term sustainable growth.

Develop knowledge systems dealing with complexity, connections and impact.


Developing mindsets and behaviors to adapt to continual change in complex environments.

Change, Innovation and Intraprenuership

Generating the insight and confidence to challenge current models and seed necessary change. Focusing on openness, rapid innovation and power differentials, we explore how to ignite intrepranuerial spirit, to drive differentiation in the marketplace. Promote a culture of problem solving, participation and diversity.

Communication for Impact

Anticipating and defusing tensions between top-team members and redirecting negative energy into valuable collaboration. Facilitating the flow of information. Balancing assertiveness with empathy, while keeping business outcomes front-of-mind.


Developing stakeholder relationships and thinking beyond functional silos to create quantum shifts in impact.

Building High Performance Teams

Bringing appropriate groups together, assigning effective roles and fostering a sense of belonging to support collaboration.