The Origins of Our Name

Ruh expresses spirit, essence, source. Honouring the life force that is abundant and wise.

Co. invokes a company, yours and ours. The material container in which we create and act. It speaks of connection and cocreation, the relational fabric of our existence.

RuhCo. encapsulates the core of our mission. The alignment of infinite source and grounded action in a powerful, purposeful force for good.

Rukō  [Hindi]: ‘halt

The sacred pause is the seed of all transformation. When we stop and rest unapologetically into being, a quantum shift is possible – opening the door to new paradigms in leadership.


Ruh helps pioneering leaders to build new paradigms.

A new definition of leadership is emerging for our time: reconciling the transactional demands of survival with the radical fullness of human purpose. RuhCo supports individuals to respond wholeheartedly to their leadership call. Through their willingness to face uncertainty and challenge, comes reconnection with a potent inner authority – unlocking the power to transform systems from within.

We are a vibration; a network of people resonating with our deepest purpose.

We are committed to genuine transformation, from:

  • fragmentation to interconnectivity
  • fatigue to vitality
  • siloes to connection, intimacy and satisfaction
  • systems of dominance to new paradigms of power and love


Shruti Sonthalia is a leadership development consultant, facilitator and certified executive coach (PCC, ICF). She is part of the International Coaching Federation Foundation Council of Ambassadors and a Faculty and Mentor Coach for a global coach training organisation.

She has led organizational transformation assignments as well as international coaching interventions in both the corporate and the humanitarian sector.

She works internationally with coaching clients as well as the senior leadership and management teams in organizations. Shruti is passionate about working with pioneering, conscious leaders to discover and own their leadership voice, distill their visions into powerful roadmaps, and create top team alignment. Core to her approach are emotional literacy, courageous and authentic conversations, sustainability and the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet.

Empaneled with Inclusion Partners to facilitate diversity and inclusion workshops in the Middle East, Shruti’s heart lies in deepening the understanding and practice of Systems Leadership. Her greatest passion lives in leaving behind an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for our future generations.

She is the co-founder of the Corona Quilt Project.