“My experience during my coaching work with Shruti was transformative for me as a leader. Her approach is very mindful, deeply compassionate and non-judgmental wherein her exceptional ability to hold space for me created a safe environment that allowed me to introspect and share some of my deepest vulnerabilities as a leader that were stopping me from achieving my true potential. This in turn, helped me deeply connect with myself allowing me to strengthen my intuition to deal with ambiguities in life and business situations and develop greater trust with my own authority as an individual. One of the great tangible achievements, I can say in my reality about the process is my communication with people around me which has completely transformed due to my improved ability to express my needs clearly, connect with other’s needs and set healthy boundaries. All of this has led to reinstatement of trust in my relating with key stakeholders in my life and business.”
Aditya Patel

President, Dinesh Felts

“I was reflecting on my team’s mood when we talk about coaching and when you are leading us.  They really bring their best selves to your sessions and you make them feel safe and interested in sharing, learning and bettering themselves.  They also seem more relaxed, present and hopeful.

I also wanted to mention that I loved the methodology you used. They were clear and practical and really drove home the concepts for us.

Thank you to you from the bottoms of our hearts for the time and care you gave to us.  We felt heard, seen and loved and will cherish this experience and grow from it.”


“In 2014 I was going through major changes in my life. Both personally and professionally, I was evaluating my options,  exploring my creativity and dealing with some emotional issues. This was the time when I chose Shruti to be my coach. I had known Shruti for a few months and felt very connected to her. As a coach she was very kind, asked insightful questions and at the same was able to give strong feedback to me. I felt both held and helped as I explored my own issues. I took responsibility for publishing my book, worked at my decision to quit my full time job and dealt with my issues with some people in my life. Her presence as a coach, her ability to question and reflect and her kindness makes her an amazing coach. I was lucky to have had her as a coach.”
Dr. Sanjyot Pethe

Leadership and talent development professional, executive coach and facilitator

“My mentoring sessions with Shruti have helped me improve tremendously as a coach in training. Shruti brings her full presence to each session. Through her support and challenges, I came to embrace my strengths and love my imperfections. Her fierce belief in me made me believe in my own powers and pushed me to take actions outside of my comfort zone. It was such a precious gift to be seen and acknowledged for all parts of me – she was warm and encouraging in celebrating my successes, yet honest and compassionate when it came to my areas of improvement. She held space for me to explore my own path, and transformation took place when I was able to stumble and get up with grace and courage. I’m deeply grateful for Shruti’s support, and our work has inspired me to become the best coach I can be so I can share this gift of presence and compassion with my clients.”
Lawyer, New York

“During the coaching leaning about internal family system and the different voices within my self has given me power to communicate, understand and address the needs of various parts. For example,  previously, I felt really nervous speaking in groups and sharing my voice, however learning about the parts of myself, I was able to hear the part that there was a fear of embarrassment,and wanted to protect me from any such situation and learning to speak with it and addressing it’s concerns has given me the freedom to be more of myself and be more comfortable in such settings.”
Operations Lead, Pakistan