New Paradigm of Leadership

Truth, Purpose, Contentment, Connection |  A New Paradigm of Leadership

Why create a new paradigm?

Throughout the world, burned-out, stressed-out leaders and disheartened, dysfunctional teams are fuelling each other’s stress. Where short-term productivity is raised by ratcheting up anxiety, increased financial incentives are needed to keep scared, cynical, fed-up people on board. High turnover, low employee engagement and steep healthcare costs are endemic, and output repressed. Meanwhile everyone involved struggles to find purpose, satisfaction, happiness and balance.

These factors are not only toxic but fundamentally unsustainable for business, and for the world. Leadership has reached a threshold.

Commercial values have brought humanity so far, and showed us that we cannot now survive without equal emphasis on inner fulfilment. It is no longer sufficient to develop new technologies, legislation, or policies from within the same old, zero-sum frameworks. We must now grow into a deeper understanding of who we are, and have the potential to be. Business can be a powerful force for good – but to make this happen, we are called to transform.

Stepping beyond old win-lose models, leaders of the new paradigm

Are Rooted In Purpose

Each of us has a unique place in the tapestry of life. This life has its own energy, momentum and deep code for individual and collective wellbeing. When each of us lives in alignment with this purpose, we all thrive in a new, positive-sum game

New paradigm leaders understand that people are motivated by meaning. They are deeply rooted in and fiercely committed to their purpose, both as individuals and organisations. Their core goal is fulfilment as well as stability and financial reward – and they support their teams to thrive by aligning with natural passions and strengths. Purpose is their deep anchor in times of ambiguity, change and disruption.

Live Whole-Tastically

When we heal the divide between the sacred and the ordinary, our material needs and deepest fulfilment are nourished by the same source. When we attune to more ways of knowing, the true potential of human intelligence comes online.

The new paradigm honours the whole spectrum of human existence: body and mind, heart and soul. Leaders are committed to wholeness, drawing fearlessly upon multiple intelligences and contexts to generate solutions from rational, intuitive, emotional and embodied perspectives. Awake to the cost of fragmentation, they live a rich life that does not neglect [human connection and wellbeing] [/ the heart’s desire] in the name of service. Surrounded by vital, passionate, healthy teams, their wholeness nourishes their initiatives.

embody 'creator consciouness'

Reframing context to serve their purpose, effective leaders transform challenge into the generator of growth. They ask not “why is this happening to me?” but “what can I learn from this?” and “what could I do differently?” Bold in all areas of life, they are pioneers and entrepreneurs in business and intrapreneurs within organisations. Committed to impact and legacy within and outside their organisations, they build a culture of ownership, responsibility and intrapreneurship – modelling this role for others and inspiring teams with the courage to innovate in turn.

Are Open, Vulnerable & Courageous

When we step into not-knowing, we learn how to create solutions together.

The new paradigm is not fixed – it learns. Its leaders show up, take risks, and enquire. They have the courage to live wholeheartedly – to feel emotions, have authentic conversations and make room for genuine heart connections and compassion within work. They challenge stereotypes, biases and power differentials and prioritise relationships, open-door policy and real communication throughout their organisations. They know that real innovation is powered by diverse voices and so they learn how to listen.

Understand True Sustainability

When people feel alive and nurtured, we don’t need engagement initiatives to generate energy and dedication.

In the shift from win-lose dynamics to a positive sum game, the purpose of business expands. Hubs of power can become sacred spaces, embodying inclusion and supporting the fulfilling inner life and financial security of employees. Work transforms from an ego-system of self-centred goals to an eco-system for the wellbeing of all, the self included. Guided by an expansive sense of mutual care, our wholeness includes the needs and sensitivities of the wider environment.

Embody Both Power & Love

“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” Martin Luther King Jr.

How Do We Get There?

The inside-out approach

Sustainable change comes through supporting individuals to transform. RuhCo specialises in leadership development to grow robust new systems from the inner world through to the outer. Leaders acquire both new skills and the ability to reconnect with their own essential resources, channeling renewed energy into their initiatives.

Wholistic transformation

This work does not react against the past, but reimagines old boundaries. Business thinking expands to include the full dimensionality of knowing – intellectual, embodied, and spiritual – and to accommodate both the inner and outer aspects of change.

We partner with clients closely to design interventions for their unique needs and environment, identifying strategic touchpoints for transformation. Leadership and top-team work is a major catalyst for impact, with role-modelling, culture change, meaningful communication and better decision-making travelling downstream to energise the wider organisation and beyond. [Find out more about our range of services] (number) core pathways inform our design:

1. Decoding the Leadership Call

The current environment contains the code for our phase of growth. Examining crisis in the framework of opportunity, we transmute stuckness into enormous potential energy, fuelling the acquisition of new attributes and skills. The outcome is a quantum shift in ways of being and doing, supporting both greater fulfilment and the confidence to step into new responsibility. 

2. Finding the Authentic Leadership Voice

We all have an authentic inner voice of clarity and direction. It is trustworthy and wise, but through conditioning and convention it has grown quiet. When leaders rediscover ways to hear, trust and amplify this voice, they turn back toward their purpose, a renewed force for good in the world. 

3. Aligning with true purpose

Establishing alignment with our very highest purpose in life, and harnessing the energy we usually restrict by staying small. Living and working from this place of inner authority every day, we can serve humanity without making ourselves suffer. 

4. Holding Content and Context

New paradigm leaders are great observers. They take a bird eye’s view of any conversation, tracking its context (within what world view is this conversation taking place?) as well as its content (“what are we talking about?”) Consistently conscious creators of their reality, they take responsibility for guiding the context of their conversations, so that the content may emerge easefully and creatively. 

5. Transforming Mindsets

Our behaviours are driven by mindsets and needs. To change behaviour requires us to let go of limiting beliefs and identities. When we transform mindsets throughout an organisation, personnel readily embrace meaningful change. 

6. Learning to Hold Polarities

We investigate what it means to hold polarities, the foundation of inner and outer inclusion and diversity. When as leaders we meet diverse needs within ourselves and others, our organisations reap the benefits of diverse realities. Work becomes a place where people experience a powerful sense of authentic belonging. This transformation depends upon a critical shift of the value lens from “no, but…” to “yes, and…” –  dissolving the fixed view that limits what we can become together.