Women Shifting Systems of Power

A journey of enquiry and transformation, born of the lived experience of womanhood in India

The challenge: what does the playing field really look like?

When you feel like success is a struggle, are you aware that:

  • data clearly shows that while both men and women find successful men likeable, they both dislike success in women. Where men receive positive reinforcement at every stage of professional success, the achievements of women count against their femininity, with the result that they hold themselves back.
  • ‘imposter syndrome’ has its roots in an unseen bias. Women reliably underestimate themselves. Studies across multiple industries show time and again that women often judge their own performance as worse than it really is, while men judge their own performance as better than reality.
  • stereotypically feminine behaviour makes it difficult for women to reach for the same opportunities as men, but defying expectations attracts negative judgement. If a woman is competent, she does not seem nice enough. If a woman seems really nice, she is considered more nice than competent. This presents  a huge barrier to entry.
  • of the 195 independent countries in the world, only 17 are led by women. Three Women hold just 20% of seats in parliaments. The percentage of women in leadership roles is even lower in the corporate world: a meager 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

RuhCo facilitates women to:

work on their limiting mindsets, shifting unconscious beliefs that hold them back

find new and different ways to meet external challenges and biases

feel greater trust in their own power and creativity

shed limiting world views

discover their own leadership style that does not imitate the alfa male 

remain connected to their essence while experiencing success in the corporate world 

discover their own unique path to the fulfilment of ambitions and desires

How Does It Work?

Journeys are customized based on the need and current challenges of the individual and group. A combination of coaching, webinars and in-person sessions allow maximum flexibility for your particular environment.

In parallel with the New Paradigm of Leadership program, we include specific modules on the New Paradigm in Women’s Leadership 

Internalised Patriarchy and female self-sabotage

The learned patriarchal mindset manifests as self-doubt and perfectionism, silencing our authority and stunting the impact of our work. How do we overcome the self-sabotage that comes from internalised oppression?

Workplace dynamics and women sabotaging women

Feminine cohesion is a powerful adaptive quality. By rediscovering our instinct for co-creation, rather than competition with our fellow travellers, we invoke a force of nature that is profoundly needed in the world.

The positive-sum game: balancing work and joy

Reframing the quality time you spend relaxing with loved ones as a critical investment in the flourishing of your work. Enquiring into the shame that teaches us to deprioritise joy, health, vitality and ease. Celebrating successes and owning a sense of accomplishment and contribution. 

Rooting in feminine essence and whole-istic leadership presence

Aligning body, mind and spirit, and finding the strength to include all three in critical decision-making. Listening deeply to what matters most, and reorienting life around this inner knowing. Recognising joyful creativity as a resource. Manifesting a powerful feminine leadership presence, rooted in the authority of love.

Holding boundaries and finding your voice

Developing the confidence to voice your ideas and innovations with colleagues, bosses, partners, and male family members without conflict. Exploring ways to introduce profitable new systems and services within your organization.

Holding Power and Love

Women will not succeed by claiming territory in an existing zero-sum game, but by changing the rules to bring love into equal standing with power. What happens when we refuse to apologise for our own power, or mould ourselves to fit existing systems?  

Female-run organisations and full teams of women

This powerful group experience allows teams to address and reframe relationship challenges that can originate from internalised patriarchy. Women learn to support each other as they seek to break glass ceilings and step into their power together.